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-forwardthe chalk party is a liberal people's party. It is based on Norway's constitution, Norwegian and Western values, tradition and cultural heritage, with a basis in the Christian outlook on life and humanistic values. We must always safeguard Norwegian interests and Norwegian self-determination.

-The main goal is a strong reduction in taxes, fees and public intervention. The fundamental thing in our view of society is the belief in, and respect for, the uniqueness of the individual human being and the right to decide on one's own life and finances. The individual, together with the family and the right to property, is the foundation of society. The most important community in society is the family.


-We strongly distance ourselves from discriminatory treatment of people based on gender, religion, orientation or ethnic origin, and we will protect the rights laid down in the Constitution, such as property rights, freedom of business, personal freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of belief and freedom of association.


- As part of personal freedom, privacy is essential. The individual's right to privacy and personal integrity must be respected as a fundamental right, including the absence of surveillance.


- Our policy is based on popular government, with decentralized political power and decision-making in elected bodies, as well as legislating binding referendums as part of our constitutional system. The political levels are limited to municipality and state. Property rights are an overriding principle, and the Progress Party opposes interference with private property rights.


- The Progress Party is a strong defender of freedom of expression, and believes that everyone has the right to express themselves freely. We will defend freedom of expression as one of the pillars of democracy. Freedom of expression should nevertheless be delimited so that it does not harm privacy and national security.


- All people are equal, and the Progress Party will not accept discrimination. On this basis, we are against quotas. We will promote equality and ensure equal opportunities and rights to social participation for everyone.

-The European Union (EU) was established in its time with the aim of promoting peace, freedom and trade in Europe. In recent times, however, the EU has developed in a supranational direction. The overruling from Brussels was an important reason for Brexit. People have moved away from the original thoughts, and towards a supranational bureaucracy in Brussels that puts obstacles in the way of most people. That is why the Progress Party is against Norwegian membership in the EU.

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