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We will become Vestfold County Municipality again.

Vestfold FrP wants to reduce bureaucracy in the public sector, and asks the Storting to close down the county municipality as a body, and tasks are transferred to the state and municipality. If Vestfold FrP's proposal is voted down in the Storting, this is Vestfold FrP's program for the period.


You can help decide who will manage Vestfold County Council. Your vote helps to decide how your everyday life will be affected, and which priorities will be important in the next four years.


Vestfold will have six large municipalities in our new county, with which the county council will have to play along. Together with the municipalities, volunteers, organisations, partners and other actors, the county council will develop Vestfold for the best for its residents.


SIf the county council plays an important role in coordinating services and promoting regional development, this must not come at the expense of the municipalities' local decision-making authority.


Vestfold FrP believes that each municipality has its own needs, and therefore they must have the freedom to develop and adapt their own strategies and plans, unless regional plans from the county council are required by law. Vestfold FrP's program gives you an overview of Vestfold FrP's policy and what direction we want for the county in the future.


Vestfold FrP is very concerned about freedom for the individual.

Your freedom - Your choice!


Vestfold FrP therefore hopes for your vote to ensure the greatest possible influence on your everyday life!

With kind regards 

Ellen Eriksen

Candidate for county mayor

ellen 1.jpg

Election program Vestfold FrP 

It is important to vote at the county council election too!

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