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The car should give you freedom!

You have to go to work. You have to go home quickly. Dinner is waiting. Children must be driven. Children must be picked up. You have to go to the store. You have to drive the parents to the doctor. You have to attend parent meetings. You actually have to do quite a lot to make everyday life go up. And the bus doesn't run every time. On the contrary.

Sandefjord FrP will not introduce urban growth agreements in Sandefjord municipality, these are agreements with the state and county that require a large share of self-financing from the municipality and demands that tolls be introduced to limit growth in passenger car traffic.


We want to say no to the introduction of tolls in Sandefjord Municipality, it is to be considered an additional taxation of car owners, and the money is often used for measures other than building a new road. It is the case that much of what motorists pay into the state via car-related taxes goes into the state treasury and is used to finance other things. We believe that the state must take greater responsibility for the development of roads and traffic safety measures than they do today. Locally, we are working to create an infrastructure fund, where the return will contribute to road and traffic safety measures.

Smiling girls in car

The mobility plan in Sandefjord Municipality

The mobility plan stipulates that all growth in traffic is to be done by bicycle, walking and public transport.

We also focus on and think it is good that facilities should be made for pedestrians and cyclists and that public transport be increased. But now it must be done by making it difficult and more expensive for you to use the car.

Measures to be implemented are: Fewer parking spaces, increased parking fees, removal of free parking and closure of streets in the city centre. We want people to use the city center and many depend on using the car, so we must be able to offer parking options without sky-high parking fees. 

Several parties on the left are in favor of introducing a city package with road tolls and the use of tolls. They also want to increase parking fees and remove free parking


Many of the projects in a city package go to pay for completely different measures than new roads.

We will say no to road tolls, tolls and restrictions on the use of cars in Sandefjord Municipality.


We will say no to removing free parking and increasing parking fees

(in addition to the annual consumer price index.)

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