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Sandefjord FrP sees an active and healthy business community as a strength for the municipality and its development. Sandefjord FrP will therefore play an active role in relation to the municipality's business community. In our view, Sandefjord's main goal must be that the municipality and the business community together must create an attractive municipality for new establishment and further development of companies.


We want both investors and employees to find our municipality interesting. In order for this to be achieved, Sandefjord FrP will have a driving attitude. This will strengthen the business community and with it the municipality's revenues. We will be able to achieve more local and varied jobs, and thus less commuting.

Sandefjord FrP will work for even better contact between the municipality and investors, as well as a good understanding between the municipality and the business community. In the municipal planning work, Sandefjord FrP will prioritize measures that promote services for increased competence for the municipality's inhabitants.


Continue to collaborate with the business community when creating jobs


As a general rule, say yes to all establishments that provide jobs


Regulates business areas according to the wishes and needs of business


Work to provide business with safe and stable framework conditions


Secure future new business areas through the municipal plan

Work and employment

Sandefjord FrP realizes that prosperity is not a product of political decisions. Nor is it primarily based on a country's natural resources. It is above all a result of individuals' daily efforts in productive business. "The future is created, it is not adopted"


Sandefjord FrP views work as an essential basis for general well-being. We believe that it is first and foremost the individual's own task to obtain work, based on the individual's prerequisites, education and the market's needs for his / her qualifications.


Sandefjord FrP wants a municipality with a labor market where it will pay to work.


Work for a variety of different workplaces


We want to make arrangements for the farmer himself to be able to develop his business. The Progress Party will do this by replacing political regulations and restrictions with business freedom.


Sandefjord FrP wants to give the farmer more opportunity to develop his farm, but much of this is currently heavily regulated and gives us few opportunities locally. Sandefjord FrP wants, where possible, to contribute to the Farmer being able to develop his operation.


Say YES to yard sales


Support local food production


Be negative about using cultivated land for housing development, if there is no topsoil plan and well-functioning replacement areas


Require that it is produced on areas set aside for cultivation and that these are not left fallow.


Sandefjord FrP sees travel and tourism to Sandefjord as particularly important for the municipality. The impulses that active tourism provides will help to develop the municipality. Our hotels, restaurants and other pubs are important partners to ensure a good visit to the municipality. Sandefjord FrP is of the opinion that these must have stable and good conditions.


Sandefjord FrP will be positive about measures that promote opportunities for affordable accommodation in Sandefjord, whether the visitors arrive by plane, train, ferry, leisure boat, caravan, motorhome, bicycle or on foot.


Be positive about extended use of the municipality's campsites


Further develop Sandefjord municipality as an attractive travel destination


Give the restaurant and nightlife industry good framework conditions


Follow the alcohol act's serving times


Be positive about events that contribute to increased activity for residents and tourists


Sandefjord FrP believes that Torp Airport is important for the municipality, but also for the entire region. We will support the development of the airport, and as far as possible facilitate any increased need for land. Sandefjord FrP will work for the airport's framework conditions towards central authorities and we support the tax-free scheme at the airport, as this is an important source of income for the airport.


Be positive about the development of Sandefjord Airport


Sandefjord FrP believes that Sandefjord Municipality has good conditions for an increased supply of higher education levels. Here, cooperation with the business community will be important in order to be able to offer the expertise that the business community is looking for. The education must preferably be public or private, the most important thing for us is the offer of studies and the opportunity for increased competence.


Work for the establishment of more vocational schools, special education and higher education


If we are to achieve quality in the services the municipality provides, there is a need for competent labour. In order to ensure the recruitment of good competence, it must therefore be made professionally attractive to work in Sandefjord Municipality.


We will therefore be positive about measures that make it possible to continue or further your education. Sandefjord Municipality is one of the municipality's largest workplaces with over five thousand employees.


Sandefjord FrP takes employer responsibility seriously and will contribute to Sandefjord Municipality being a good workplace for all employees. We will work to ensure that sickness absence is low, and facilitate measures that can contribute to this.


Contribute to opportunities for further and further education


Work for the lowest possible sickness absence and ensure that the necessary measures are introduced to achieve this.

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