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Housing construction

Sandefjord FrP will actively participate in creating the best possible conditions for the construction of new homes. Private landowners must avoid the politicians' detailed regulation. In the municipal planning work, the party will go for area plans with the greatest possible flexibility. We have increasing pressure on the right areas for further housing growth. We primarily do not want to demolish cultivated land.


Sandefjord FrP will therefore continue where it is natural and expand existing residential areas, but ensure good living environments.


Sandefjord FrP is positive about utilizing what is defined as a center in a better and more efficient way. To limit the use of valuable areas, we will be positive to build in height in the center. Documents prepared for city center development and preservation must be guidelines, not adopted principles.


Be environmentally conscious about the sanitation of sewage from the municipality's residents.


Do not introduce own environmental taxes in the municipality.


Have active environmental and climate measures rather than passive tax measures.


Be positive about increased use of solar panels and other climate and environmentally friendly energy solutions, the exception being the establishment of wind turbine parks within the municipality's borders.


Work to reduce pollution from agriculture towards rivers, streams and lakes.


Be positive about innovation and new climate/environmentally friendly solutions.


Work to reduce food waste in municipal operations.


Do not use toll rings with tolls or parking restrictions as a means of reducing passenger car traffic due to the climate.


Be positive about increased efforts for a cleaner Oslofjord

Sandefjord FrP wants a municipality that follows up the Pollution Control Act and uses it to protect its inhabitants from pollution. A great deal of human activity pollutes the environment to a greater or lesser degree. We can therefore not ban all pollution, but must leave it to the courts and professional expertise to set limits for when pollution is unacceptable and punishable.


The climate and environmental challenges require adjustment to a society where growth and development take place within nature's limits. There must be a transition to products and services that have less negative consequences for the climate and the environment than today. Restructuring includes all areas of society and actors. Innovation and technology development is one of the keys to achieving this.


The business community is a key force and Sandefjord Municipality must ensure the right framework conditions.


Work to ensure that the VAR fee always follows the self-cost principle


That construction fees, regulatory fees and other municipal technical fees follow the cost principle


Work for increased maintenance of the municipality's property stock


Work for a safe and up-to-date fire and rescue service


Protect property rights


Sandefjord FrP will actively help to facilitate the conditions as best as possible for the construction of new homes. Private landowners must avoid the politicians' detailed regulation. In the municipal planning work, the party will go for areal plans with the greatest possible flexibility.


We are increasingly under pressure to densify, rather than to use new areas. We primarily do not want to build down cultivated land and we shall be restrictive in land useuk, nature andoutdoor areas. Property rights are highly valued by Sandefjord FrP, so thorough assessments will be made in each individual case we will deal with.


Sandefjord FrP will densify where it is natural by expanding existing living areas, but we will seek to ensure good living environments. Sandefjord FrP are positive about utilizing what is defined as the center in a better and more efficient way. In order to limit the use of valuable areas outside the city centre, we will be positive about building at height in the city center and the municipality's urban areas.


Documents, feasibility studies or plans which have been drawn up for town center development and conservation are to be guides, but not adopted principles.


Practice planning and the Building Act liberally


Have good and efficient case management


Have a positive attitude towards plans and building matters, unless there are compelling reasons to do so.


Be positive about increased utilization of plots


Will be a driving force for good energy solutions in larger construction projects


Sandefjord FrP believes that good site development in Andebu, Stokke and Sandefjord is important for well-being and safety, settlement and business development. In order to be a good municipality for everyone, Sandefjord FrP will work to develop the municipality's settlements and contribute to an attractive and vibrant town centre. Sandefjord FrP will play as a team with residents and businesses to achieve this.


How we shape our surroundings means a lot to people's everyday lives and how we live our lives. By emphasizing quality, proximity and accessibility in the design of the places, a foundation is laid for well-being and life development. Good urban spaces and meeting places promote contact between people and are important for social life on site.


Work to develop the municipality's settlements and town centre


Contribute to the creation of good service offers throughout the municipality


We are becoming more residents, so it is important to look after "green lungs" in built-up areas. Sandefjord FrP considers Hjertåstoppen, Høgenhallåsen, Rødsåsen, Hjertnesskogen, Preståsen, Mokollen and Bokemoa as important areas in relation to being close to nature and as an important part of the attractiveness of living. Sandefjord FrP will therefore have a restrictive stance if these areas are considered developed for other purposes.


Have a restrictive and possibly negative attitude towards developing these areas for other purposes.


Sandefjord municipality today has an open harbor with ferry operations and reception obligations. The municipality has an old maritime history, we therefore believe that the municipality must have an open port with an obligation to receive ships. Boat moorings, fisheries reception and other industries contribute well to activity in the port, the same applies to today's ferry operations. The ferry operation brings with it many positive elements such as jobs, opportunities for visitors and travelers who use the industry and the offer that is in the wharf area.


Sandefjord FrP are positive about a development of the inner harbor which contributes to increased activity and use of the areas along the harbor for the municipality's residents. Measures that can contribute to increased attractiveness for visitors in the summer are to be regarded as positive.


Have an open port with a reception obligation and ferry operation beyond 2030


Be positive about a development with activities in the inner harbour


Sandefjord FrP will work for the development of small boat harbors and moorings. We are a coastal municipality and we will make arrangements for the fjord to be used by people by boat.


We are positive about looking at land for houseboats, if there is demand for it. We see that it can be a way of living for some people.


We have noticed that the need for boat berths is increasing and we will work to increase capacity. We are positive that people who want to can live in their boat all year round, if the conditions are right for it.


Work for more small boat places


Be positive about establishing an area for houseboats


Be positive that people who want to can live in a boat all year round, if the conditions are right for it.


Work for an increased number of boat berths


Sandefjord FrP is positive about the development of the amusement park, especially projects that make the center more attractive. But this must be done in collaboration with private actors. We are not going to prioritize a new municipally built library or cultural school in this area, as we believe that the municipality has a duckfar more important investments ahead.


Be positive about the development of the fairground


Be negative about the municipality spending money on building a new library and cultural school on the fairgrounds


The main road network in Sandefjord consists of national roads, county roads and municipal roads. Several of the main roads have a poorer standard than the road's function and traffic load indicate. The problems are largely related to intersections, carriageway widths and the lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. In general, car traffic is handled smoothly, but there are occasional queues in some central streets and roads in and outside the city center.


Sandefjord FrP sees that the prerequisite for good and safe road traffic is a well-maintained and rational road network. The choice of means of transport, be it on foot, by bicycle, public transport or own car must be ensured.


Sandefjord FrP sees safe transport as a plus for the inhabitants' living conditions, and that the framework conditions for the business community will be better. In its work, Sandefjord FrP will advocate a good public transport service, including bus and train services internally in - and to and from the municipality.


Sandefjord FrP will follow the development of the railway network through Vestfold, and through its influence follow the development of double tracks for the benefit of the inhabitants. The zoning plan for a new county road towards Kodal from Fokserød was completed in 2011.


To ensure business development and safe traffic to the western part of Sandefjord, the new FV305 from Fokserød to Brekke is something Sandefjord FrP will put pressure on the county municipality and the state to achieve. For Sandefjord FrP, the private car is not a luxury, but an important means of transport for the inhabitants. After the amalgamation of municipalities, it is nevertheless important to establish a good public transport service between the municipality's centers.


Sandefjord FrP will not introduce urban growth agreements in Sandefjord municipality, these are agreements with the state and county that require a large share of self-financing from the municipality and demands that tolls be introduced to limit growth in passenger car traffic.


We will not be positive about tolls being introduced in Sandefjord Municipality, it is to be considered an additional taxation of car owners, and the money is often used for measures other than building a new road. It is the case that much of what motorists pay into the state via car-related taxes goes into the state treasury and is used to finance other things. We believe that the state must take greater responsibility for the development of roads and traffic safety measures than they do today.


Say no to city growth agreements and so-called city packages that entail tolls

Say no to tolls and tolls on a general basis, but work for other financing options for necessary road projects.

Work for good and safe roads

Seek to create a fund where the return will be used for road projects and traffic safety measures


Work to improve public transport

Work to ensure the necessary parking coverage in connection with the city centre

Keep parking fees at an acceptable level

Maintain free parking in certain places

Provide facilities for cyclists and pedestrians

Continue the work for the implementation of new F305

Be positive about new electric vehicles such as autonomous buses

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